There are many descriptions used for spiritual work.  Some people call Māriē a spiritual medium, psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient or clairaudient.  Māriē finds it difficult to fit into any one particular category and chooses not to put labels on her work.


As Māriē's awareness grew, she realised there was more to life than what could be seen.  This awareness became stronger and clearer through her own life experiences. In her late teens/early twenties, some of what she had heard/seen and experienced became clear after a personal tragedy.  It was then through the darkness, that the love of spirit revealed her purpose.


Māriē learnt by taking the wisdom from the lessons laid before her, that we're all given opportunities to step more confidently in the direction of self. 


Māriē has been taught by spirit to help access that higher wisdom for you by communicating with your guides, helpers and others to encourage you to achieve your potential in your human-ness, as well as be more connected with your soul.


Not only has Māriē worked around New Zealand, she has also had the opportunity to learn and work in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Australia and Rarotonga.




"Have great moments"






Tel: +64 6357 4466

+64 272 537 733

Email: havegreatmoments@gmail.com


Due to COVID-19 and New Zealand being at Level 4, all face to face appointments will be postponed until further notice. 

Appointments during this time will be either via phone or ZOOM/Skype.

If you would like to book in with me, please feel free to email havegreatmoments@gmail.com.

Māriē conducts spiritually guided conversations which are intuitively tailored to all her individual clients.  Māriē uses different mediums to pass messages to assist in her clients personal development and to help them heal in the now.

Māriē has the ability to bring to focus the learning curbs life has to offer as well as laughter.

If you don't see an appointment time available, please don't hesitate to contact her at havegreatmoments@gmail.com

Māriē will endeavour to be in touch within 24 hours.

One on One
  • Appointment duration - 1 hour

  • Longer appointments -by request

  • Price from $150

  • Skype appointments - by arrangement

  • Appointment Duration 1.5-2 hours

  • Priced from $220

  • Minimum 4 Max 10

  • Price to be discussed at booking enquiry

Spirit Guided Talks
  • 'Spirit Guided Themed Talks'

  • Price to be discussed at enquiry

Booking Terms of Service

Cancellations | No Shows | Disclaimer

All booking cancellations must be communicated to Māriē by phone or txt within 3 hours of the scheduled booking time, otherwise full appointment fee will be charged.

Māriē reserves the right to postpone an appointment at short notice.


Māriē is a Spiritual Guide/Coach she is not a trained Counselor or Doctor and it is up to the individual client to do whatever they wish with the information they are provided with at the time of the appointment.




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