Find Your Peace

Personal Guidance

There are times in our lives when we feel lost.

When we don’t know what step to take next, how to get where we want to go, or even where we’re supposed to be going.

When we need a light in the darkness to show us the way through.

When grief or personal tragedy stops us in our tracks and takes our breath away.

These are the times when guidance from Spirit can help us get unstuck.

With her unique gifts, Māriē Toye can provide you with access to the guidance you need. Māriē’s ability to connect with Spirit, as well as her experience and skills gained from the material world, allows her to support you in a way that goes far beyond just providing good advice.

Through Māriē, you’ll be able to glean insights into your relationships and your purpose here on Earth. Māriē can help you process grief and personal tragedy, offer validation and encouragement to help you heal and move on, or progress in your career. No matter the issues that are holding you back, Māriē’s ability to connect with Spirit can provide you with insights impossible to glean in any other way.

Māriē can work with you on an individual or a couple basis. Her Spirit-Guided guidance packages, also known as KIWU Pathway packages, are tailor-made to suit you and the issues you’re navigating in your life and combine both in-person and ZOOM-based appointments.

Please see below for more information.

KIWU Pathway

KIWU Pathway is a seven-week guidance pathway to help you step into alignment with your purpose. Along the way, you will learn navigate the issues and obstacles you are facing in your life, whether as a couple or an individual, with greater clarity and wisdom.

KIWU stands for Knowledge, Intuition, Wisdom, Unity, four key principles that inform the way Māriē works with you throughout this process.

The KIWU Pathway runs over seven weeks and is made up of a mixture of in-person consults, ZOOM sessions, and phone calls. The couple packages include a mixture of both individual and couple sessions.


Māriē works with you to eliminate thought patterns that no longer serve you and to change your internal narrative from one that self-sabotages to one that encourages and uplifts you. With self-awareness and knowledge on our side, we can move mountains.


Listening to our intuition is crucial in navigating life successfully. Unfortunately, most of us are taught to ignore our intuition early on in life, and to only listen to our intellect. While our intellect is important, it cannot stand alone in making our important life decisions for us, as it is predisposed to try to keep us safe by avoiding change at all costs. Through the KIWU Pathway sessions, Māriē will help you reconnect with your intuition to allow you to live a happier, more aligned life.


Wisdom is more than just intellect. We achieve wisdom when we learn to listen to both our intellect and our intuition and combine both into making the decisions that are right for us. The KIWU Pathway process is designed to teach you to tap into both these crucial requirements for living an aligned life and combine them for greater success.


When our heart, mind, soul, and spirit are aligned, we are in unity with ourselves. This is when we’re able to achieve an aligned life and live our purpose. We are more resilient, more present in our lives, and more able to visualise and achieve the future we want. The KIWU Pathway process is designed to help you achieve unity and live your best life.

I highly recommend Māriē.

I highly recommend Māriē. I was guided to her as I was pretty much in a lot of need. Broken and trying to find my way through a new life after the number of deaths of close loved ones, Mārie helped me with forgiveness, something that I hadn’t been able to do in a long time. Thank you Māriē! Forever grateful, but may need another catch up session! 🥰

I am truly grateful

Our chance meeting came out of a message I needed to hear and rather than shy away from passing it on, Māriē had the courage to approach me and share what I had to hear. I am truly grateful for that very first connection. If you are on the fence about going, take that final step into making it happen. Life is too short to not take the risk in living the best version of your life ❤

Marie is very gifted

Marie is very gifted at communicating through spirit and passing on messages, knowledge and wisdom to be the best you. I will always be grateful knowing my loved ones are around me and the messages she has passed on. I feel a lot of unwanted feelings were lifted and more at peace. She is a very special person with contagious loving energy. I highly recommend people to go see her for a spirit guided reading 🙂

All I can say is WOW!!!

All I can say is WOW!!! How fortunate are we to have Marie and her spirit guides and gifts in our community. Both sister and I finally went and couldn't leave. Honestly the readings were on point. So blessed. Thank you Ma Angel xox