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Sports Development

Māriē Toye has extensive experience in working with Representative Netball Teams to help them achieve their highest potential. Her Sport Guidance – Mental Awareness Programme focuses on each individual’s skills and challenges and how they feed into the team’s holistic picture.

By understanding players’ challenges and developing strategies to help each player work with their unique set of strengths and areas for improvement, better results are generated for the team as a whole.

Māriē’s programme also works on team cohesion by building on each individual’s strengths to lift the team as a whole and create a united front. Players are individually guided to develop their awareness of their own performance and the team’s performance as a whole, so they can adapt their personal strategy to suit. Māriē takes the team as a whole through team building activities to increase team unity, and offers individual support to players, coaches, and managers alike.

As Māriē’s Sport Guidance – Mental Awareness Programme is tailored to the team, the sport, the timing of the programme in relation to the sports season (i.e. pre-season versus playing season or play-offs), costs vary depending on what’s required to help the team in question.

I highly recommend Māriē.

I highly recommend Māriē. I was guided to her as I was pretty much in a lot of need. Broken and trying to find my way through a new life after the number of deaths of close loved ones, Mārie helped me with forgiveness, something that I hadn’t been able to do in a long time. Thank you Māriē! Forever grateful, but may need another catch up session! 🥰

I am truly grateful

Our chance meeting came out of a message I needed to hear and rather than shy away from passing it on, Māriē had the courage to approach me and share what I had to hear. I am truly grateful for that very first connection. If you are on the fence about going, take that final step into making it happen. Life is too short to not take the risk in living the best version of your life ❤

Marie is very gifted

Marie is very gifted at communicating through spirit and passing on messages, knowledge and wisdom to be the best you. I will always be grateful knowing my loved ones are around me and the messages she has passed on. I feel a lot of unwanted feelings were lifted and more at peace. She is a very special person with contagious loving energy. I highly recommend people to go see her for a spirit guided reading 🙂

All I can say is WOW!!!

All I can say is WOW!!! How fortunate are we to have Marie and her spirit guides and gifts in our community. Both sister and I finally went and couldn't leave. Honestly the readings were on point. So blessed. Thank you Ma Angel xox


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